Hi, I’m Ken Sperling

I’m a comprehensive designer operating in the field of landscape architecture with a passion for intelligent and sophisticated ideas. My focus as a designer is generally rooted to two areas: Space and Information.

My primary goal as a spatial designer is to provide an engaging experience of a place. To develop the subjective visceral interest of a space I pose questions to explore unconventional concepts as well as focus on encouraging dynamic user interaction. I’m also extremely meticulous when it comes to functionally configuring environments, optimizing efficiencies, and facilitating client and user needs.

As an information designer I use visual design strategies to simplify and clearly communicate complex information. Through analysis and logical structuring of research knowledge I’m able to derive actionable meaning from otherwise cryptic data. Coupled with the ability to design curiously attractive graphics and visual media, I am able to present detailed information in a digestible form which promotes usability and understanding.


Due to my involvement with both Space + Information, I am naturally fascinated by opportunities to merge the two. I’m interested in opportunities to create physical experiences, installations, and events that serve to inform and promote deeper understandings of an idea.



11/2013 – ASLA Student Awards General Design Category Honor Award
For the project “Concrete Habitat Units” in coordination with Kevin Finch, Natasha Harkison, George Kutnar, Evan Lee, Joshua Leyva, and Nabyl Macias. Faculty advisor – Andy Wilcox.

06/2013  –  Dean’s Award – Outstanding Landscape Architecture  Student –  College of Environmental Design, Cal Poly Pomona
Ken is a student who is strongly respected by both his classmates and the faculty for his sophisticated conceptual design ideas, meticulous execution, and strong graphic communication skills. He inspires his classmates to excel and push themselves beyond their comfort levels, as well as providing an example of how design and its exploratory processes can provide solutions that integrate human experience with the social and natural context of Los Angeles.

06/2013  –  Summa Cum Laude  –  Cal Poly Pomona
Honors with a GPA of 3.8 or higher

03/2013  –  ASLA Student Honor and Merit Award Nominee  –  SCC/ASLA
Nominated to present body of work before a jury of professional landscape architects

12/2012  –  Best Cooperative Process and Conceptualization  –  Andy Wilcox (faculty @ CPP)
Awarded at the conclusion of the Bobby Brooks Memorial Interdisciplinary Design Studio

12/2012  –  Best “Big Idea”  –  James Becerra (faculty @ CPP)
Awarded at the conclusion of the Bobby Brooks Memorial Interdisciplinary Design Studio

05/2012  –  Lifescapes International Scholarship  –  Department Scholarship Committee
Scholarship provided by Lifescapes International

05/2012  –  Howard O. Boltz Memorial Scholarship  –  Department Scholarship Committee
Landscape architecture student with an expressed and undeniable interest in expanding a personal vision

06/2007 – James Watson Memorial Scholarship Award



11/2013  –  ‘Concrete Habitat Units’ – ASLA Student Awards pecha kucha. Boston, MA.

05/2013  –  ‘Potential’ – SCC/ASLA Honor and Merit Award presentation. Pomona, CA.

03/2013  –  ‘City on a Hill’ – design proposal presentation and jury review at Dodger Stadium Club. Los Angeles, CA.

02/2013  –  ‘In the Process of Becoming’ – CPPENV pecha kucha. Pomona, CA.

01/2013  –  ‘Inquiries‘ – multi-installation exhibition. Pomona, CA.

12/2012  –  ‘Epistephrenia’ – exhibition at Walt Disney Imagineering. Glendale, CA.

06/2012  –  ‘Human Ambiguity and the Architecture of Existence’ – exhibition and jury review at Neutra VDL II House. Los Angeles, CA.

03/2012  –  ‘ReIdentification’ – design proposal presentation for Homeboy Industries. Los Angeles, CA.

03/2011  –  ‘Rise’ – design proposal presentation for Rose Hills Memorial Park. Whittier, CA.


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